In 2020, the Sheraton Kaua’i Resort entrusted Weekend Digital, Hawai’i’s premier digital marketing agency, to manage its social media channels, create photos and video content, handle collateral design, and execute web design and development for the hotel and its restaurant outlets. As a premier resort destination on the idyllic island of Kaua’i, the Sheraton Kaua’i recognized the importance of maintaining a robust online presence in order to attract travelers and showcase its luxurious amenities. Therefore, they enlisted the expertise of Weekend Digital to help them achieve this objective.

Over the past two years, our team has collaborated closely with the Sheraton Kaua’i Resort to develop a comprehensive social media strategy that would allow them to reach their target audience and connect with potential guests. By implementing a content-focused approach designed to build community and increase brand awareness, we have been able to achieve impressive results.

On Instagram, our content garnered a total of 2,032,189 impressions, which means that it was viewed by a significant number of users. This is extremely valuable for increasing brand awareness on social media as it helps to expose the Sheraton Kaua’i’s name and message to a large and engaged audience.

On Facebook, the results were even more impressive, with a total of 5,521,789 impressions and 345,893 engagements. This level of engagement is a crucial metric for building brand awareness as it indicates that users are actively interacting with the Sheraton Kaua’i’s content and initiating conversations about it.

In addition to these impressive results, we also helped the Sheraton Kaua’i to boost their followers by 19.2%, bringing their total audience to 22,773. This growth in followers is another important indicator of the success of our content-focused strategy, as it shows that more and more users are interested in following the Sheraton Kaua’i and staying up-to-date on their content.

In summary, our work with the Sheraton Kaua’i has been a prime example of the influence that a well-executed content strategy can have on building brand awareness on social media. We are proud of the results we have achieved for the resort and look forward to continuing to assist them in growing and succeeding in the future.


  • Collateral Design
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Management
  • UX/UI Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenence


  • 7,553,978 Impressions
  • 422,991 Engagements
  • 354,884 Video Views
  • 3,424 Sent Messages
  • 1,083 Published Post
  • 19.2% Net Follower Increase