Hōkūala Kaua’i, a Timber’s Resort located on the picturesque island of Kaua’i, enlisted the services of Weekend Digital to design a custom vehicle wrap for their Moke America.

The resort desired a wrap that was playful, tropical, and branded, to be utilized in showcasing new properties to potential buyers as well as to promote user-generated content on social media. Our design team eagerly accepted the challenge and set out to create a wrap that truly embodied the essence of Hawai’i.

Our concept for the wrap was “Elusive Luxury,” and we drew inspiration from the iconic Bird of Paradise flower, which is abundant throughout the islands. Our design emphasized the sleek, polished, and clean lines of the Bird of Paradise leaf, seeking to highlight the understated luxury that can be found in the most ordinary elements of our daily environment.


  • Collateral Design
  • Creative Direction