Duke’s Waikiki, one of thirteen T S Restaurants, is a crowd favorite in Waikiki. Weekend Digital partnered with Dukeʻs Waikiki to revamp its social media strategy and showcase the unique experience of dining at its establishment. Our team provided social media management, video production, and photography services to capture the essence of Dukeʻs Waikiki and the aloha spirit.

Through a strategic approach of video production, photography, and social media management, we were able to achieve significant success for our client. In 2022, the total number of impressions on both Instagram and Facebook increased reaching an impressive 17,523,821 impressions.

Furthermore, video views across all platforms increased by 1,717% in 2022, totaling 426,321 views. This is a significant increase from 2021 when there were only 23,452 video views.

In addition to these numbers, our efforts also led to a growth in audience across Facebook and Instagram, with a net audience growth of 7,045 followers and a total of 109,221 followers.

Our partnership with Duke’s Waikiki was a resounding success, as we were able to effectively capture the unique experience of dining at the restaurant and increase engagement and audience growth on social media platforms. We look forward to continuing with T S Restaurants as their partner in growth.


  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Management


  • 17,523,821 Impressions
  • 989,544 Engagements
  • 426,321 Video Views
  • 7,045 Net Audience Growth