RumFire Poipu Beach at Sheraton Kauai Resort recently held their 5th annual special event, Kauai’s Best Bartender, a contest in which island’s best mixologists showcase original, handcrafted cocktails for the chance to earn the title of Kauai’s Best Bartender. During the event, the contestants went head-to-head by creating original cocktails featuring locally sourced ingredients and the spirit of the week. The event included a grand finale event with live music, a DJ afterparty, and more.

The host of the yearly event, Sheraton Kauai, wanted to increase brand awareness and publicity for the event by utilizing outside marketing help. Their goal was to expand the concept of Kauai’s Best Bartender and make it a “Hawaii’s Best Bartender” competition in the future.

To increase brand awareness and engagement leading up to the event, Weekend Digital created a website and social media profiles for Kauai’s Best Bartender independent from the resort and restaurant pages. The Weekend team created original, engaging, and visually compelling content (photo and video) to communicate the brand image and what potential guests could expect via Kauai’s Best Bartender social media pages.

To maximize awareness of the event, our team ran social media advertising campaigns with a variety of targeted ads. On-site content was also created each week, such as video recaps, interviews, graphics highlighting the competitors, etc. This elevated the visual representation of the brand and increased brand engagement. 

As a result of Weekend Digitals efforts, Kauai’s Best Bartender now has a stronger brand identity and image with their own social pages and 620k Impressions for the brand. It was the most successful Kauai’s Best Bartender series to date resulting in a 53% increase in overall beverage sales from the year prior. Our marketing efforts also increased exposure and publicity for the restaurant and hotel through various forms of media.


  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Collateral Design
  • UX/UI Website Design
  • Website Developement
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Management


  • 53% Increase in Beverage Sales
  • 620k Impressions
  • 17.8k Engagements
  • 39 Targeted Ad Campaigns
  • $0.29 Cost-per-click